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Welcome to RISC Analysis

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To all our clients and users, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe during the global pandemic.

We have a couple of things to mention with this update.

First, the upper left 'Input Mode' toggle  (for FC Mode, MT Mode, CC Mode) has a new (default) option which is 'FCM Mode'.

FCM Mode simply tells DataBox to check any 4x character input against all FCs, CCs, and MTs.

This means you no longer need to specify if the search is for FC vs CC vs MT.   (you can still cycle the toggle to specify a specific mode if you wish).

Second, many of the 'data return panels' now include a 'Panel-On-Click Mode' option

This is a 3-Way Toggle that cycles through 'Off', 'Data', 'PNs' Modes and allows the local panel to override the main Data Mode/PNs Mode toggle.

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